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Energy - Beyond Belief

Everything That Can Happen Does Happen

(Brian Cox Physicist)


What Energy?

Different cultures have described Energy in many fascinating ways for thousands of years.

Placebo, mambo-jumbo, imagination, mind- trick?

Some people believe that everything they need to know has been taught in school.
But did you know that Quantum Physics is all about the same Energy?

Who is right?

Both camps could provide you explanations and enormous amount of literature to prove their points. To save you reading for years I suggest you don't bother because you won’t get closer to the answer by an inch!


Because these will only tell you -again- about people's own perceptions of either the existence or the non-existence of Energy.
And you still won’t know who to believe...

So don’t believe.
Go and discover it yourself!
Get your own answers!

I invite you to experience Energy with me. It will be fun.


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