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Everyday Mindfulness


You get what you think about, it's not tricky at all!


Why to learn to be Mindful?

A friend asked me why would anyone want to learn Mindfulness? Great question! You can find endless articles on the internet explaining the benefits of being Mindful. But I recommend a simple experiment: just observe your thoughts for a few minutes. Make a mental or even a physical note of absolutely everything that came into your mind. Look at your list and ask: are you in control of your mind or your mind is controling you?

Why Choose Everyday Mindfulness?

If you want to know what the difference is a  Mindfulness and Everyday Mindfulness then come along!

I structured this course to be unconventional, playful and exciting based on a lot of exercise. It helps you to experience how your mind works and effects your reality instantly. So you can use this knowledge to transform your life, body, health etc. as you want it to be.







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