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I am not a Teacher. I only remind you what you know as much as I do.

And in the process I remember better myself...

(Judit Povall)


"We very much enjoyed and learned a lot from your Quantum Touch level 1 course that we were repeating to attain practitioner level. Lots of tips and practical guidelines were given to us. Dr Povall took into account our repeating status and is highly recommended! "

Sam and Satpal (General Practitioners)

"For some considerable time I have been troubled with sever upper left leg pain/numbness plus stiffness in the lower back. Whilst normal medications have helped to some degree, I didn't seem any nearer to being cured. However, following been told about "Quantum Touch" by a friend, I contacted Judit & after one or two sessions with her I experienced a considerable easing in my condition. This has resulted in a reduction in the amount of medication I need to take. In addition, I have noticed that my spiritual well being seems to have improved & I am learning to feel my inner energy which is thanks to Judit's healing hands."
Jackie (Pharmacy Assistant)

"Having walked into class with severe back ache to a level of not being able to stand up straight, I was introduced to my first experience of energy healing. I can be a very sceptical person however within seconds of Judit starting I could feel something happening. The pain tended to come then subside however with just 5 minutes of healing to my amazement I could actually stand straight, then for the remained of that night I could feel a warm sensation across the bottom of my back. I had a repeat session 2 days later and then a couple of days after that I was back into full training. I don't know how it works but as I said I am back into full training."

Paul (Chief Martial Arts Instructor)

“I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me to cure my ear ache – after a year of pain, sleepless nights and many trips to the doctors, I came to you for help in curing my ear ache and after one quick session with you, it was gone and still a year later, I have had no pain. Thank you very much – would recommend to any one of my family or friends.”

Jade (Account Manager)

"Since November last year I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis. This was usually accompanied by coughing and otitis media. It was particularly painful to fly , which I had to do often due to my job. Then I met Judit .The treatment lasted for about 10-15 minutes while Judit was holding her palm towards me. I felt warmth and tingling. After the session I felt so powerful and intense.  Soon after I had to fly again and my symptoms did not occur. I am so happy."

Agnes (Oral surgeon)

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